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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Granny's sayings.

"God will supply all your needs"...but Granny couldn't help adding "not your wants". Well I had wanted one of these for 3 years, and luckily was in touch with sympathetic Authority staff who thought I might get my head round it enough to make some use. So I have been loaned a Promethean Interactive White Board. "Everything comes to he who waits" It is hard for schools on a tight budget, to buy one board and projector for one or two classes to use if they do not have a computer room, when they might buy 4 machines to upgrade existing ones, to put in a trolley for the whole school to use.
I go into some schools and blow the dust off projectors and whiteboards...and weep for the lost opportunities!
I worked with an old film screen for two years ...at least the children could interact with the computer showing on it!
But now, since "God helps them that help themselves", too, my life, and that in my classroom, has changed. I learned how to use it and to produce resources particular to my class needs, by doing some online tutorials. The children calibrate it for use. They are so motivated and we now use it mostly, instead of a blackboard, locally, and with web material popping in to enhance the lessons as appropriate, in every area of the curriculum. (Great when the class supply the URL's) The only problem is, that so many of the things that I am now doing, that cover lots of strands everywhere, are not written down in planners, to be ticked and dated in advance. So can I get away with noting the history...like a record of work we used to do 30 years ago? Could it not be called creativity, and then it would be included in a "NEW" initiative?
"Possession is nine tenths of the law" To have it taken away now would remove my right hand.....My class will bite the kneecaps of whomsoever tries, and it will be hard to shift if I am prostrate on top! Oh and then I got another present....more to come......


Blogger ab said...

I love the way you kept quiet about this in October Marlyn!

Glad to hear you are enjoying the board - is anyone threatening to take it back yet...?

We can of course plan for the use of the web in our teaching - in exactly the same way that we plan for 'other resources' in our forward planning documentation. What we really need to do however is lose the A4 nature of planning - how long will it take our leaders on high that a database can assist and inform our planning far better than endless reams of paper? Oh, and we could link this easily with PLPs to reduce the workload and inform learning. We have the knowledge, all we need is coordinated time and investment!

12:50 pm

Blogger marlyn moffat said...

We can plan, up to a point....but we then need time in the school to make sure it'll go properly...firewall and helper applications etc.
Currently, additional material on the planners is scribbled down the side of the "real work" that has to be seen to cover the strands.....I think we are overplanned in anycase...too scared to deviate because we are so prescribed and monitored, working from a planner written by someone else quite often, and have taken so much of the spontaneity, creativity and ultimately the enthusiasm away from our classrooms. I am not good at teaching from bits of paper. So on with progress! Slow isn't it?

5:12 pm

Blogger Morag Macdonald said...

It is an amazing piece of kit Marlyn and although we have not had it as long as you I do feel it should become an integral part of every classroom. I think the planning dilemma varies from school to school. My HT is certainly very flexible as she feels the need to embrace a return to creativity despite pressure from the authority to fill in more bits of paper for her job.

7:27 pm


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