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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Ask the audience!

The pod fairy arrived! Seen one of these? If you had been on "Who wants to be a millionaire" you would have. My class now think they have won!! They were very patient in the setting up phase. ACTIVote pods..They can't copy! They have to think....and sometimes fast, if I have set the timeout. I can see who isn't answering correctly and teach to that group. I can also see who is not dealing in the time frame. I wonder how many lessons we teach to children who already know.....So I spent the time with the ones who didn't and then the red turned to green in my printout in Excel. Deep joy! The entire class was exxxxstatic and I was vindicated as a teacher, when we tried the same thing again a day or two later. The children think they are anonymous...because they see on the board that we are running in that mode, but, of course, I have the numbers of who has what pod ... There's not much material out there ,of worth, for a primary three so I had a bit of a learning curve, to create some and just getting to grips with ad hoc (spur of the moment) questionning. The best thing is that the children don't see this as learning. They just absorb it. Isn't osmosis wonderful?


Blogger Morag Macdonald said...

Popped your blog up on the screen to let the kids see this morning. Great oohs when they saw the activotes- then when I opened the case.....Wow!
Felt a bit like James Bond

7:29 pm

Blogger ab said...

Until there is a great deal more prepared material online, the quickest way to use the votes is by ad hoc - I know the children prefer something made up before though.

9:06 pm

Blogger marlyn moffat said...

For use as a comparison..I have tried mental maths in the oral and write it down...then with the pods...prepared. And for a summative assessment, I feel it needs to have a glitch free, professional look. The children are used to that from other software they use. I have joined the Promethean forum and will post resources there.

9:54 pm


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