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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Nuffin much!

And what did you do in school today? I hope my class were more explicit. They started the morning with a quickfire addition game from the Shared Flipcharts...speeded up. We then went onto a multiplying by 5 flipchart I had downloaded from the Promethean site...There's a link over to the right. We then had some ad hoc questions using the Activote pods on multiplying by 10. and finally in pen mode we did our whiteboard sums on a squared grid, children working in their jotters , some setting the sums and some doing them correctly on the board for the others to check their answers. I could then wander round in a leisurely fashion and help where necessary, and discuss learning outcomes and strategies. Sounds almost like teaching!
After break we talked about why using the board and the pods was better than the blackboard, and in this all were agreed. The lesson was conjunctions..so they had to think of two things and write the sentences and join them. So we did this in Comiclife on the board, dragging with the stylus and putting the comments into a bubble, on their own photograph.
In the afternoon we listened to some freeplay music in itunes and attempted to match the mood and tempo of it to some pictures in iphoto, on the board.
After that we had a look at how to search for things on google and looked for resources for our Knights and Castles project. (I stress that you check them out first so there are no dodgy links sneaking in on an innocuous title. I know the firewall is there, but just in case.) So I knew where we were going even if the children didn't think they were being guided!! So we dressed a knight in his armour. Had a wander round Nottingham castle, heard from some of pages squires and knights and, then went to the interactive jousting from the Victoria and Albert Museum. At the end of the day we had 10 minutes for another adhoc pod session...General knowledge...true or false.
I'm home with only half an hour of marking to do, from the phonics and I didn't need to clean a board before I left!
Which is why I have time to write this!
So I expect they will say, when asked the inevitable question.......'Nuffin much!' But then learning doesn't have to be painful. Experience doesn't have to be bad to be learned from. More than a dozen went dashing to the postits on my table to write down the urls...so I can expect more parents to be complaining about the ink their children use in an effort to prove that they've learned "nuffin much" today!


Blogger Morag Macdonald said...

Sounds like it has been a great day Marlyn. This is what it is all about- give us the freedom to do what we do and trust us to do it.

7:09 pm


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