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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another blogging day in Argyll.

Went into a lovely, quiet, anticipatory classroom, this morning, the sort of environment that most teachers would envy. On the way to my desk I casually mentioned that I could do with a volunteer to connect up my computer and calibrate the whiteboard. 25 hands raised. So I chose one who hadn't done it before. 3/4 ,minutes later, twas done. They went online and checked the sitemeter..I don't do that for them anymore...they had atlases and a map and listed all the places that had looked at what they had done....they made labels for the big map in the hall in appleworks and printed them, to show the rest of the school where their hits had come from..The children constructed...they wrote ...collaborated...they photographed....imported their photos in iphoto..and they cropped...they copied and pasted their work...into their new postings.....I just supervised and encouraged....Ready to post...to see their work..they did the login...ACCESS DENIED.....they thought they had done something wrong..reassurance required..tried again using my ID...the igear window came up in the place where the slideshow used to be...6 attempts..boy are they patient, giving me encouragement by then. Maybe this time. Try again Mrs M. Did in the afternoon...ACCESS DENIED. Should have had the video camera running..Their attitude to this is better than mine. They think it will be better tomorrow. I just came home and posted their pictures. They need to see their work tomorrow, so they will be encouraged to do it again! You could give up so easily when you are seven.....


Blogger Morag Macdonald said...

We too had difficulty posting with ACCESS DENIED. Didn't have much time in class due to woodland activities but will be into the swing of it all next term.

9:26 pm

Blogger Ewan McIntosh said...

This is ridiculous! Who is the person responsible for blocking what was working very well for you last week? Give us names, phone numbers and home addresses, I ask you ;-) !!!

This is an international story of woe - let's start sorting it out.

9:24 am

Blogger marlyn moffat said...

In all truth it, it wasn't working very well, last week. It was working eventually!!! It explains in some measure why my class are so patient and accepting and for them I bury my frustration, but it removes for them , at 7, the joy of the immediate, spontaneous responses and acclaim from their peers. We're needing to get a boot up the infrastructure, methinkst, and I will keep nagging there. Give the children the tools....Then tell them they can't use them...What message does that put out?

1:19 pm


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