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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Are you gobsmacked?

I was asked today, by one of my class, and, yes I was! Jumped up and down and shouted Wow! Then they asked me how to spell it to put in an email! So I know I am still needed! What did they do? The lesson today was copy and paste...how a graphic behaves in a writing programme and how you copy a bit of writing into a drawing programme. We were using Appleworks 6. They had the two windows open. Meantime there were a few working on the class email account for the first time. Our system went into slowest mode so I suggested to the group on email that they quickly copy the address that they were sending to..and relaunch....so they did..I was diverted elsewhere..as one is in a class of 26..and got to them later. So what had they done meantime? They had copied and pasted the email address of the people they were sending to into the address bar,in a new window.....because they had copied the address...so they pasted it into the address! Now this may not seem to be gobsmacking to many...but they are 7 years old and they will need skills like this and much more and that was a WOW! Well done Bethany and Kyle.....I know you look at this blog at home!


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