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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blog on regardless!

We learned how to get on the web and we use a stylus pen to use the IWB. Sarah wilknson.
My favorite thing is lwb because you can use the pods.Shannon
I enjoy using the pods because the board recognises your pod from your desk. Christy
I like using the stylus because it is recognisesed by the board. Kyle
I am getting beter at Numbersup on the ibook.Bethany
My best thing is to calibrate the iwb. Stuart O
I learned so much with the white board and I enjoy using it. Eryn
I am getting better at I.C.T. time. I am getting better at different things I couldn't do before. Tayler
I love the IWB becase you can do anything. Kieran
I am getting better at the pods . My favourite thing is the pods. ChloeGillies.
I am getting better with the I.W.B and the pods and calibrating the I.W.B ScottI
I lke using the computer and the pods and the i.w.b. Campbell.


Blogger Morag Macdonald said...

Well done boys and girls. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. I am looking forward to meeting you on the 24th of March. I know that Spencer can't wait to see Campbell.

11:26 pm


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