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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tools that work!

My warcry!

I always have claimed I wanted that for the children, but I'd like it too. Over the hols an airport had decided to misbehave, for no apparent reason, and with the afternoon planned for online activity of various sorts, couldn't get online! Jumped through fiery hoops and then switched the whole lot off...airport and all. And after 45 mins of effort....put it back on reselected and rejoined the network, on 11 machines ...et voila! Just in time to shut down. Now can you imagine the kind of chaos that might have been in some classrooms....I had other things for the children to do...but that was our timetabled ibook, blogging time....gone.
Today....having reinstalled the Software for the promethean board, to work with 10.4.5.....It appeared to do so...on one of the machines I use...but it won't on the other....dumped and reinstalled and again.....still won't on the other. Latest version and updates! Well, on the machine that will open the activities...it won't retain the relationship with the activote pods that we had so loved...Had to get them to recognise twice....still wouldn't retain when an activity was opened. ...so had to revert to an older slug of a machine to make use of the mental arith this morning, and couldn't use the pods for ad hoc stuff on the website we were to explore, since the machine didn't have Flash8 that was needed...to navigate and make full use of!
Think how much worse this is for a less confident teacher....with a difficult class....who knows less about the system.....who was doing this for the first time....
I'm a busy class teacher...this I could do without too....and my class deserve better. I compliment them constantly on their patience. so they now make a thing about displaying it.....but I want to SCreeeeeeeeeem!!! So we didn't get time to record their fab stories...I said I was sorry about that....and one wee soul said....That's OK. We'll do it tomorrow. Oh the confidence of youth!


Blogger ab said...

It is heart-wrenching Marlyn. I'm so sorry that you and your children are let down so badly by technology. With regard to the network, please keep logging calls detailing outages - I know how frustrating this can be, as I keep seeing it time and tiime again in so many of our schools - we pay someone for a service - if we don't log when it is down, then they are getting away with it!

With regard to updates, please ask one of the technical team if the update works before updating your own machine - that way it shouldn't interfere with your classroom practice. We have the latest version of Flash player as an internal download though, so I'll make sure everyone has this link.

8:47 pm

Blogger marlyn moffat said...

Sorry didn't explain properly. I go very easy on the downloads, for fear of that very thing. Was referring to the Promethean update. As far as Flash 8 is concerned, I have it on the two machines I normally use...but didn't have time , in front of the class, to sign on again, as me, to download, with my unrestricted access,on the machine I had just configured again with the board and the pods, after the time spent trying to get online.
Morag couldn't get online at all yesterday, in school, so will pass on your advice. Would it be a heat call, since I did get it to go eventually? See we always think it is something we have done wrongly, even now! Is there still worth in letting the desk know after the event, since that is our point of reference.

10:38 pm

Blogger ab said...

Absolutely - log it as a call, even after the event. The last thing any of us should be doing is wasting valuable teaching time trying to figure out a network outage.

6:51 am


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