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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blossoming blogs and reporting.

Well it's not as if I haven't been blogging! Not here though. There's been so many new Bloggers that just needed that first posting or comment to get them communicating. Andrew will save me some time though, help me getting the feeds sorted out so it won't take as long to follow up. Won't he?
Been doing the class year reports. 50 hours for 25 reports. New format. Probably spend too much time thinking and trying to get it right, ( I kept a detailed diary of my time), but my fellows tell me since, that they must be about the same. Someone, somewhere, who never had to write a report, about a real child in the last 20 years said 1 hour per report. It's OK though, we get an afternoon or morning out of class to do them! When I came back to teaching in 1990, there were 15 entries per child and half of them were ticks. Correct me if I'm wrong, please, I think there are now 87 of which 15 or so are comments. My Head tells me that it took her 2 and a half hours to to read/ check my reports. My response , of course must be be, " That's a tiny bit less than it took me to write them!" But then she has more to read. Take the pay, do the job! There is no implied crit. of the designer of this, just disgust that the system/ Authority require it! Some of our less computer literate staff are completely stressed out by the whole experience. Of course, I know that we have other hours allocated from our 193 or is it 5 that we have to do each year in our own time. Give me a blank sheet of paper and I'll soon tell you about yer wean! They have that in the secondaries so I see from my son's reports, and those that are not computer literate in our local Grammar...still handwrite and the office types them up....eh? And prints! (We have a leak in the Grammar School office.) Had to take some time to make sure everyone had a printer that worked with their system, 'cos we still have a mixture, not yet upgraded to macos 10!!!! and had the ink to do it.


Blogger ab said...

I'll be happy to help in any way that I can Marlyn - just ask :-)

The thing that troubles me about reporting is the preposterous notion of the 'snapshot' - were I a parent, I wouldn't only want to find out at this time how my child was getting on - I'd want to be able to access any of this at any time - it is only a matter of time incidentally until a parent asks for this under the data protection act.

I have had no involvement in any of the electronic systems of reporting that the authority uses, but from what I have seen the system presently in use is a much better system than what came before. The problem is how people are using it. The 'Profiling' is a tool to be used throughout the session, in much the same way as we use a planner or markbook. If staff were doing this, we would actually be saving time by avoiding unneccesary duplication of information. 'Writing a report' would then become the very easy task of reading over the data we had been collecting all year, and not this mad rush it seems to be for the majority of staff at this time of year. I can feel another 'soapbox' coming on, sorry!

7:13 am

Blogger marlyn moffat said...

And quite right too! We had a decision to make as to which version we would be using...made too late..which machines were going to be available...then had some go down...leaving not enough running 10!!! I felt I had to use the newest version since such extra work had gone into its preparation. If we could be linked to the info on click and go already there, could access the previous year's report, from the server...etc..etc Do you know we currently write our Nat Test results in 3 places and then the office record that and give us a printout? We write a reading comment in 4 places, two on a daily basis. If some of the above could be addressed and recording was done electronically, the profiling would be able to be used, so simply and accessed by all who require it at any time, in the manner it was designed to be used. Much of this is done at home of course, so don't give the staff limited access to a computer, give them one! There you go now..borrow your orange box? Free me from the paper paranoid limbo please! Sokay I know you are working on it! :-)

4:22 pm

Blogger Lynne said...

I can assure you that's not typical in secondary schools - we all type our own in Tobermory. This may be a case where ICT has caused me more stress. When we handwrote reports I just took them home, now I have to do them in school as there is no Click and Go access at home.

6:56 pm

Blogger marlyn moffat said...

I'm sure it's not typical, but my 'mole' assures me it is still happening.

10:13 pm


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