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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spontaneous applause!

When the children listened to the postings of sound on the teddies blog, that's what happened! I'm so pleased I was able to deliver! With help!
A loud cheer went up when they saw the sitemeter....over the thousand in just over a month!
I asked for a caption for the picture of the Tighnabruaich class and got a whole page of writing, with the explanation that it needed to be explained, for others to read, who they were, and what they were doing, and why their picture was on our display. So that's Ok...My caption wasn't good enough! It just said P1,2,3 from...Critical analysis from P3. See the comments they made on the sound files. There are 5 with blog accounts at home now!
A picture...I didn't set this up...or take it. Fun though!

Other good stuff...I got a box of lovely chocs from Maryann's Mum this morning, saying thanks for sending the digital camera home. Seems she spent a fortune entertaining a certain bear over the weekend, but enjoyed it. They took approximately 70 photos!!! Maryann had Spencer on local radio. Now is that enterprising, or what? They played Return to the Kyles for him.

Repeated this Thursday between 2-3pm...Argyll FM
Not so good stuff....I had my AifL test this morning...well, don't suppose that's what it is supposed to be called...but I was being assessed against those criteria...my friend and colleague/line manager was put into the situation of assessing my teaching and writing a report. We were issued with a document illustrating 10 steps to AifL...previously..how formal...how unnecessary...if I were being monitored informally, it would give me more points, and more would be known about what really happens in my classroom. Probably got 2 out of 10 in that snapshot! Upsets all of my workmates too, peculiarly the ones who are the best teachers! They are the most forward thinking, reflective teachers and therefore, the most insecure in their self belief. I'm told "All teachers deserve this" Quote from head of service. I think it was meant to refer to positive feedback, but is that what will happen in all cases? Mmmmm....wonder how it is being dealt with in other schools. Some have written the reports from continuing observation, without this formal assessment, it seems. At least, most of the class behaved themselves...so that's good. Isn't it? Maybe I got 3 out of 10 then.


Blogger ab said...

There is so much of AifL that I find troubling. Good reflective practitioners do this anyway, but now this is being formally assessed? The sooner we delve into ACfE the better - although I don't doubt for one second we'll have a checklist for that too here in A&B!

On a relatively unrelated note, brilliant to hear you and Morag are presenting at SETT this year - twice! Keep up the brilliant work (and ignore the pedantic implimentation of a national initiative - Bob McKay when speaking about HMIE says let them have a look around the school first, look around at the education taking place and then come back and discuss policies - quite often I think we have things the wrong way around...)

3:52 pm

Blogger marlyn moffat said...

It is a contradiction right enough, to give the teacher an apparently, summative assessment on their ability to use a ten point scale on formative assessment. Talk about giving the children involvement in their learning?
Bah humbug!

7:49 am

Blogger Morag Macdonald said...

Just carry on doing what you are doing Marlyn! What's the worst that can happen- your children have wonderful learning experiences, a dedicated, clever teacher who has managed to teach for many a year using AifL strategies without actually calling them that.
Our first AifL meeting/course/inset reminded me of another saying about sucking eggs..........
Great picture of Spencer and MaryAnn- Campbell is off to FunWorld for Owen's birthday treat on Saturday- great excitement!!

6:29 pm


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