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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

They won't give it up!

My little bloggers won't! They decided unanimously. They've made up a rota of where Campbell bear can be for the holidays. Who can pass him on to the next one, etc. He is the vehicle, after all. So, rather than individual posts they thought they would email me with his pics etc Well, we'll see what happens. Chris found that her students went off the boil in the hols, though that didn't happen with mine at Easter. Campbell emailed his pics at 7.30 this morning! I have a responsibility too. There's all these photos, sound files and video clips that I have promised to get on the blog, over the hols.
Because their Homework projects about places that had hit on the blog were fabulous and they had been such superstars, my Headteacher decided they were due an extra treat, and I concurred, so today, we had a lovely time in Southend. We had ice cream and chocolate cake at Muneroy tearoom. We went to Columba's footprint, Keil caves, saw and talked about Dunaverty Rock and the event that happened there. Wow they remembered from our Knights and Castles project! The best bit happened when Jamie asked me at every stop.'Are you still enjoying yourself Mrs Moffat?' and I could answer truthfully. 'Yes'
Oh I'm going to miss them! Wee splendid people. Is that navel gazing Ian?

Social networking...yeh right!

We have sent a letter, by post this time, to parents of over P3, about safety on the net, social networking, cyberbullying etc. I prepared a very edited presentation to parents, though it was not well attended, those who were there, were shocked, and I have been using my P3's to talk to the P6 year group to remind and discuss the rules for safety, and what to do if they are feeling threatened. We are including these lessons in our health programme for next term, and in our CPD sessions. What more can we do? Listening!....
I've been shouting 'Give them the tools!' Well we gave them the skills this time and at home the parents are giving them the tools! But I remember the first time I used a saw, my Father was at my elbow, encouraging me to use it safely. The first weeks I rode my bike to school he was there a bit behind in the car, for days, to make sure I was able to handle it, though I didn't know that, till 20 years later. It's a whole new ball game!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Oh the pain!

Ok, some of it was in my back, but when you have been communicating, developing and learning online, and your ability to to sit on your computer chair is too painful, means that facility is removed, it's a different kind of agony! Anyway, now, with three pillows, on the chair, feel my pain! So much for the ergonomically designed chair! Went back to work yesterday and, having had my first absence of substance in 5 years, the guilt was hard to take. My little chickadees sent cards and wishes and on my return confided they had missed their technology. I had hoped they would still have kept the blog going because I had furnished the supply teacher with the secret password, to allow them iGear access. (Primary children are not supposed to have individual access) When the Depute head went into the classroom, she was amused to see written on the blackboard.."Secret Password".....and the actual word! Helpdesk and another password, soonest, please. You have to smile though! My heart goes out to the terribly sincere and hardworking supply teacher.
Would be interested to hear from those who have had a look at www.bebo.com . We have been having some probs there. Did you know that every school in the UK has a page there? Ours is horrid and our school would wish it known that we, in no way, condone the language and behaviours exhibited by some of our pupils, in their postings, and are attempting to address these with information and example.