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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Technology saw me through it!

Remember that AifL 'test' I was wittering on about a few weeks ago? Well I swithered about this for a while and then thought I'd publish to give those reflective teachers out there some encouragement. I know that some of what goes on in my classroom is good stuff, but, as a 'golden oldie' am never sure if it measures up to all the new rulers. Experience counts for more than we think, though. So, I could only do what I normally do, but with one or two modern bits thrown in, just to highlight the additional breadth that the technology can bring to the curriculum, increasing the level of involvement and achievement for the children.

But now the end is nigh!
I had chosen to forget that the Promethean board and the Activote pods were on loan from the Authority, so deeply were they embedded in my day. Now, they have to be returned. I did explain that if anyone had attempted to collect them before the end of term, I would have to be surgically removed from the top of the board, and my little chickadees would bite kneecaps! So now it's back to my old film screen and much less exciting times. It'll take more than a bottle of wine and a big bar of chocolate to get over this loss! Hari kari could be an option!


Blogger Morag Macdonald said...

Poor you Marlyn- and well done for all your great work with the children. I think the least your SMT could do is get you a wee board of your own! I am in the fortunate position of having one in my new class but no doubt I shall have to share it with others.

2:55 pm

Blogger Susan said...

Marlyn I admire you for the work you've done with your children and sympathize with you on your loss. I am just learning about the board and so far I am truly impressed with the learning potentials gained by using the board...

3:37 pm


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