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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A great ( nearly) finale.

Friday was wonderful! Children who had not met before talked and played together. They brought their teddies to the picnic! Some were huge! We met the Tighnabruaich Primary 1/2/3 at A'Chleit beach, in the rain! Neither Morag or myself had to raise our voices a decibel. They knew one another already, through the blog. They had a common aim, to reunite Campbell Bear and Spencer bear for a brief period, and to set up the picnic. My lot had 6 digital cameras with them, and snapped anything that stood still. Before we left school I asked the children what we should be taking with us, and one wee spark said 'Your computer', so I asked him why and he responded 'Because these cameras we borrowed from the infants don't have much memory and we might need to download the pictures to get some more'. So I told him 'Aleady packed!' We did have the church hall as a refuge for lunch and wet sand is better for building sandcastles! Despite the dismal day, not a one asked if it was time to go home, in fact they had to be dragged away. We grouped them reliable from one school with the not so, from the other. There was one really nice incident, where Bethany and Maryann noticed that Jade(might be Jodie) seemed to be on her own and asked me if they might go and get her to join their group. Later back in her school she said that two nice girls had come to play with her. I know Morag feels the same about her class, although she is leaving them shortly for pastures bigger, but I have to say how pleased I was with mine. So now before the hols, I know I can take them out of school and rely on them. Well done Primary 3! I have to say that because I know they read this at home.


Blogger Elspeth Davis said...

Great to hear how proud you were of your class. It looks like you all had a great day, despite the weather.
Hope Campbell and Spencer were equally delighted at the get-together!

7:04 am

Blogger marlyn moffat said...

I'm sure they did. They were terribly well behaved, as always. I think it is quite rare for the teachers to enjoy the outing, as much as the children.

10:16 pm

Blogger Jan Kersel said...

looks as if great fun was had by all. Thanks for the encouragement on my blog - hopefully more will be coming

8:23 pm


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