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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Social networking...yeh right!

We have sent a letter, by post this time, to parents of over P3, about safety on the net, social networking, cyberbullying etc. I prepared a very edited presentation to parents, though it was not well attended, those who were there, were shocked, and I have been using my P3's to talk to the P6 year group to remind and discuss the rules for safety, and what to do if they are feeling threatened. We are including these lessons in our health programme for next term, and in our CPD sessions. What more can we do? Listening!....
I've been shouting 'Give them the tools!' Well we gave them the skills this time and at home the parents are giving them the tools! But I remember the first time I used a saw, my Father was at my elbow, encouraging me to use it safely. The first weeks I rode my bike to school he was there a bit behind in the car, for days, to make sure I was able to handle it, though I didn't know that, till 20 years later. It's a whole new ball game!


Blogger Graham said...

Marlyn, you are so right with this. Last week, at the SafeKids events, my most computer literate pupil was having a great conversation with the young stranger who arranged a meeting -- and who turned out to be the policman.
It seems we are all writing, or in my case, beginning to write material for Psed- but should we be writing Authority wide materials on Internet Grammar and Safe Practice? Thanks for the blog- more food for thought here.

7:28 pm

Blogger marlyn moffat said...

I think there are moves afoot there Graham, but as was quoted to me last week about the stable door and the horse etc I hope your pupil learned something from his encounter. You can give them the skills but the old heads on young shoulders...We are just oldies talking! If they just but knew that we want to ulilise our knowledge to keep them safe! But then the same applies to all that we might tell them about life in general. Be assured....working on it! I'll be back to you for input when this gets going!

9:37 pm


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