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The life and times of an elderly educationalist in a technological age.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Oh the pain!

Ok, some of it was in my back, but when you have been communicating, developing and learning online, and your ability to to sit on your computer chair is too painful, means that facility is removed, it's a different kind of agony! Anyway, now, with three pillows, on the chair, feel my pain! So much for the ergonomically designed chair! Went back to work yesterday and, having had my first absence of substance in 5 years, the guilt was hard to take. My little chickadees sent cards and wishes and on my return confided they had missed their technology. I had hoped they would still have kept the blog going because I had furnished the supply teacher with the secret password, to allow them iGear access. (Primary children are not supposed to have individual access) When the Depute head went into the classroom, she was amused to see written on the blackboard.."Secret Password".....and the actual word! Helpdesk and another password, soonest, please. You have to smile though! My heart goes out to the terribly sincere and hardworking supply teacher.
Would be interested to hear from those who have had a look at www.bebo.com . We have been having some probs there. Did you know that every school in the UK has a page there? Ours is horrid and our school would wish it known that we, in no way, condone the language and behaviours exhibited by some of our pupils, in their postings, and are attempting to address these with information and example.


Blogger Ewan McIntosh said...

I've seen Bebo along with the other social networks. Bebo, at least, is making an attempt to control abuse of its site, but the pages for schools are populated by FPs. The only way to sort this out in the future is to educate kids in why they should and shouldn't do certain things online. It'll take years to filter through but, in the end, we'll end up a better society online (and maybe offline). I think that if we simply disassociate ourselves from what's there and ignore the problem it will continue and multiply.

8:07 am

Blogger marlyn moffat said...

I've phrased that last comment wrongly, so I think I'll go back and change it. Far from disassociating, really. Had a workshop for parents regarding internet safety and manners etc last week. And we have had in school discussions and surveys of opinions etc Can't access in school. Anyway...at least 75 of our pupils have bebo accounts, as young as 8 years old and we are having problems that are spilling over into the playground. Bebo state in their conditions that they should be 13 or more and none are! I don't like the idea of my P3's thinking that the foul language and bullying that is currently there, is acceptable. They're dishing out their email and msn accounts like sweeties too! So I agree, education education, education.

3:08 pm

Blogger John J said...

Hi Marlyn,
Had a quick look at bebo after reading this. What struck me is how poorly it seemed to be designed, it took about 6 clicks to get to our school.
My take on this is, by modelling 'good' behaviour and requiring it at school we will hopefully be a force for the good. The net is not any different than other areas of like in this respect.
Your wee guys are off to a flying start, by the time they leave primary they will have been bloggers for four years, what a great start!
A quick look at our school bebo page showed me that we have very few members, reflecting the digital divide that I see here.

5:03 pm

Blogger Gordon McKinlay said...

The way that children and young people are using tools like Bebo probaly says more about how we as educators teach our children than it does about anything else. The way that children behave online says something about how they feel and want to express themselves. They don't understand the dangers that we see when they share their contact details! It seems to me to emphaise the importance of teachers finding out about Bebo, MySpace and the others so that we can engage with their society and help them to learn how to behave. We all know the lesson from Lord of the Flies. Thanks a lot for your comments. Keep up your good work.

8:26 pm

Blogger Joseph said...

Sorry to interupt,again, but what is the username and password for our(famous kids blog)sitemeter?
Please help!

5:31 pm


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